Traffic jams, noise and air pollution have now become a familiarity for solo residents and surrounding areas. Hundreds to thousands of motorized vehicles pass by every day. It is not impossible that Solo will manifest itself as a city monster that is not environmentally friendly.

Apart from flood congestion is another color of Solo city fatigue. At the periphery of Solo, houses are currently standing from rice fields to housing. Large factories and multi-storey buildings are the inseparable views of the city of Solo.

Solo around it suddenly transformed into a small metropolis (opo iki #eh). The city, which is known as a culinary paradise, from ndeso-style nasi liwet and jenang lemu to large international-scale restaurants is also there and is selling well.

No wonder if we go to Solo, we feel how hot the city is. So the city government is trying to make Solo attractive by building several parks. Not to forget that the University of Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS) also participated in presenting a garden area that the general public could use to get away from the fatigue of the city of Solo.

It is EDUPARK UMS, a family recreation park which is designed as a natural park with lush trees so that it gives off a cool atmosphere. In this place there are also several jogging track areas, soccer fields and maze arenas and natural forests.

Some residents use this area every morning to exercise. This 6 hectare area is quite fun if used for recreation with family, eating together under the trees or just relaxing looking for another atmosphere.

Only with a parking fee of Rp. 1000, – we can enjoy the beauty of Edupark UMS. However, watch out for young people who have just been romantically drunk, don’t come here. Two or two who have not become husband and wife can get a Rp. 2,000,000, -. For those who report, they can get 50% of it, that’s not bad.

Edupark which is located on Jl. Adisucipto Karanganyar is only a few kilometers from the city of Solo to the west. Precisely from the Manahan roundabout to the west or from the UMS Pabelan Campus to the north. For those who want to do outbound, you can use this location. Besides being equipped with several public facilities such as toilets and a mosque where there are also famous restaurants in the city of Solo.

For friends who haven’t had the chance to visit, just come to the location. If the holidays are guaranteed dech is quite crowded. Wearing sportswear will be more fun in this area. Anyway guaranteed not to lose. If you need a guide, I’m ready to escort you … hahaha …

The place is clean… However, unfortunately the trees there have not been given names. So you don’t know the names of the trees. Actually there is a place but there is no information on the name of the tree. Maybe the chancellor or the manager can give the names of the trees in Edupark so that they can understand the names.