The history of the Faculty of Health Sciences (FIK) began in 1993, with the name of the Diploma 3 (D3) Health Study Program, which at that time only consisted of D3 Nursing and D3 Physiotherapy study programs. In 1995 there were two new study programs, namely D3 Nutrition and D3 Environmental Health. The four D3 Health study programs at that time were still in service education from the health department. After ten years of experience managing four D3 Health study programs, in 2003, the four study programs were upgraded from Diploma III to undergraduate level (S1 / D. IV).

Currently, the Faculty of Health Sciences has 4 (four) departments, namely S1 Physiotherapy, Nursing, Nutrition and Public Health. The Physiotherapy Department has a D3 Physiotherapy and S1 Physiotherapy Study Program. Department of Nursing, with its study programs, consists of D.III and S-1 Nursing Study Programs. The Department of Nutrition consists of the D.III and S-1 Nutrition Study Programs, as well as the S1 Public Health Study Program. BAN PT accredited all study programs at FIK in 2015 with qualification B, and one was accredited B by LAM PT Kes.

The focus of strategic planning for the development of the UMS Faculty of Health Sciences is strategic aspects in the implementation and development of education that produces reliable health personnel. The strategic elements referred to include 1) Academic Quality of Graduates, 2) Moral Quality of Graduates, 3) Research and Community Service and scientific publications, 3) Higher Education Management, 4) Organizational Culture, 5) Academic Climate, 6) Cooperation Field. What needs to be emphasized is that these aspects are not mutually exclusive but are an interrelated unity.

The UMS Faculty of Health Sciences as an institution needs a motivation to encourage the entire academic community to strive to obtain and achieve it. The cause is summarized in a vision as a picture to be completed in the future and as a guide for goals, missions, namely an outline of how to achieve them and objectives as the final target.