Faculty of Health Science Laboratory

Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta


Audio Visual Laboratory

This Audio Visual Laboratory is soundproof with air conditioning, LED TV, LCD and projector and mirror that fills one wall. The facilities owned by this laboratory are DXLR cameras, Sony full HD camcorders, tripods, digital recorders and others.




Biomedical Laboratory

Biomedical Laboratory has various kinds of equipment provided for practical learning and research purposes. The tools contained in this laboratory are binocular microscope, autoclave, oven, incubator, digital balance, colony counter, thermometer, inoculum needle, petri dish, measuring cup, etc.




Epidemology Laboratory

Epidemiology Laboratory has facilities such as light microscopy, stereo, various preserved Arthropods, Dissection kits, Entomology kits, mosquito rearing cages, ovitraps, cockroach traps, mice, aspirators, test tubes, stopwatches and various chemical complementary compounds. This laboratory is also supported by AC, LCD, projector service and adequate cleaning facilities.




Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory is equipped with a wide range of adequate equipment such as glassware, magnetic stirrers, digital ovens, analytical scales, calorimeters and UV-Vis spectrophotometers, refrigerators and freezers, Auto Distilling Apparatus, BOD incubators, centrifuges, Differential Thermal Analysis, Ion meters, Thermal Gravimetric Analysis, Turbidimeter, pH meter, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Analytical Balance, Analytical Mills, electrophoresis and others. There is also a permanent LCD projector, Air Conditioner (AC), and safety supporting equipment.



Occupational Health and Safety Laboratory(K3)

Occupational Health and Safety Laboratory is equipped with various kinds of equipment such as audiometer, Lakassidaya, Sound Level Meter, Quest Time, Spirometer, Vibration Meter, Air Dust Sampler, Lux Meter. Apart from that, it also has facilities like other laboratories such as a large space and equipped with Air Conditioner (AC), LCD Projector that has been installed permanently.




Environmental Health Laboratory

Environmental Health Laboratory is equipped with various tools that can be used for the learning and research process both indoors and for activities in the field such as: Cholinesterase kits, analytical scales, water sampling bottles, salinometers, hemoglobin meters and others.




Nutrition Education and Diagnosis Laboratory

Nutrition Education and Diagnosis Laboratory facilitates a teaching and learning process aimed at achieving student competence in measuring nutritional status by anthropometry as well as designing, creating and using educational media for nutritional counseling and counseling activities. This laboratory is equipped with anthropometric equipment such as weight scales, LILA tape, microtoice, callipers, babyboards, etc. as well as nutrition counseling media and software such as the nutriclin program, nutrisurvey, and various leaflets and other extension media such as posters, fliptcharts, fanel graphs, etc.



Food Quality Analysis Laboratory

Food Quality Analysis Laboratory is an integrated laboratory managed by the Faculty of Health Sciences (FIK) UMS and is used jointly by all study programs in FIK.





Food Management Laboratory

Food Management Laboratory facilitates teaching and learning poses to support the achievement of student competencies in the field of individual / institutional food management for normal needs and in sickness / requiring a special diet.




Food Science Laboratory

Food Science Laboratory facilitates practicum activities for Foodstuff Science, Food Technology, and Food Halal Studies.





Nutrition Education Laboratory

Nutrition Education Laboratory facilitates the teaching and learning process aimed at achieving student competence in designing and using educational media for nutrition education activities. This laboratory is equipped with supporting equipment for nutrition education such as leaflets and other extension media such as posters, fliptcharts, fanel graphs, etc.





Microbiology Laboratory

Microbiology Laboratory is an integrated laboratory managed by the Faculty of Health Sciences (FIK) UMS and is shared by all study programs in FIK. The Microbiology Laboratory facilitates practicum for biology and microbiology courses.





Gymnasium Laboratory

The room, which is located on the 1st floor of the Faculty of Health Sciences building, is a place that can be used for several comprehensive courses of physiotherapy, including Pediatrics and Sports. In addition to this laboratory lecture, it is very supportive for biomechanical research, because there is an electro myograph which functions to read the muscle activation of research respondents.






Exercise Therapy Laboratory

The exercise therapy laboratory is expected to optimize learning in order to improve physiotherapy skills in students. The exercise therapy room is very spacious with a capacity of up to 30 students equipped with 10 beds for the therapy of several physiotherapy techniques.






Manipulation Therapy Laboratory

The manipulation therapy laboratory is a room intended for students to study passive movements that are moved with a sudden, small amplitude and high speed, so that the patient is unable to stop the movement that occurs. Apart from being equipped with beds, this room is also facilitated with manipulation equipment that can support students’ abilities in providing several modality options.






Casting Laboratory







Electrotherapy Laboratory






Pediatric Kompre Laboratory







Mini Physiotherapy Clinic






Herbal Nursing Laboratory

Herbal Nursing Laboratory is a garden that contains various herbal plants such as ginger, turmeric, moringa leaves, cat whiskers, etc.




Mini Hospital

UMS mini hospital is designed according to the conditions in the hospital. The nurse station in the UMS mini hospital functions as a laboratory assistant and a place for administration of all activities related to the laboratory, such as the process of borrowing and returning equipment.






Computer Laboratory

FHS-UMS Computer Laboratory has 25 computers that have high specifications and are equipped with internet facilities. The computer laboratory is located in building E lt. 2, apart from internet facilities the computer laboratory has a permanent LCD projector and Air Conditioner (AC).