To become a centre for education and development of science and technology in the Islamic health sector and provide direction for change in 2029


  1. Developing science, technology and art as part of worship to Allah (integrated) which has an impact on the realization of the leading community.
  2. Developing human resources in the health sector based on Islamic values ​​which provide direction for change.
  3. To produce health professionals who master science and technology, have a global discourse.
  4. Increasing research activities and scientific publications.
  5. Increase in community service activities in the context of taking part in improving the degree of public health.


  1. To become a faculty that excels in the fields of science, technology and arts and produces graduates who are competitive in the global era and can provide directions for change.
  2. To become a faculty that makes health workers with noble character and strong character based on Islamic values ​​which can give guidance of growth and have an entrepreneurial spirit.
  3. To become a sustainable faculty through institutional arrangements by optimizing management and management systems.
  4. To become a faculty capable of producing research that can be published at the international level.
  5. Become a faculty that can contribute to improving the degree of public health.