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Dwi Rosella Komala Sari

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Presented in Indonesian Scientific Annual Meeting in Physiotherapy. July 2014. Tangerang. Jakarta. Indonesia


Dwi Rosella Komala Sari
Physiotherapy Programe, Health Science Faculty
Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta
Jl. A. Yani Pabelan-Kartasura Tromol Pos I Surakarta
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Background:The quality of skin depends on many factors. They are called internal and external factors. According to theories, the process of skin aging is associated with reduced production of metalloproteinases (MTP) by the cells and decrease the metabolism of proteins, known as Heat Shock Proteins (HSP) in the skin. 

Purpose: This research will examine the benefits of ultra sound wave at a frequency of 3 MHz to rejuvenate skinfor level of wrinkles, quality of skin pores (skin pores) and turgor in the face, which is expected with ultrasound waves that it can activate HSP and MTP.
Method: This research was pre-experimental, quasi-experimental approach and design of pre and post test design. Thera are 15respondents were screened based on inclusion criterias.
Result:The results of this study showed the value of p< 0.05 for  level of wrinkles, pores andturgor.
Conclusion: The conclusion of this researchshowed that ultrasound wave can provide a positive influence on the facial skin rejuvenation.

Key words: Ultra sound wave, metalloproteinases, Heat Shock Proteinase, wrinkle, pores, turgor